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Intel has now "apologized" over pulling ads from Gamasutra. And by apology I mean they said "we don't want to take sides" but are still taking sides anyway.

What Intel refuses to see is that the so called movement is not about holding game journalists accountable but rather co-opts that concept as a smokescreen for harassment and misogyny. It's the gamer equivalent of the Men's Rights movement, where a group of people valid concerns have been used as a smokescreen for assholes who prefer to attack others rather than actually look at the issues they profess.

This causes dual harm. First to the ones they're directly harassing and second to the people who valid claims who are now tarnished by association.

What we have here is a group of people who have co-opted the terminology of social justice and used to to disguise their attacks. And they've bent a large international corporation to their will.

I for one will not be intentionally buying any more Intel products until they do better than this faux-pology. I only wish I hadn't recently spent money on them for my most current upgrade. I may only be one man, with no power outside of my own actions, but I can at least do what I think is right.
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